Shifting to Knowledge

A report released in 2014 by the Oxford Business group has indicated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is financially motivated in striving to diversify its economy beyond the extraction of oil and gas to become a knowledge based society.

Aramco (the well known oil company) had reached us and asked to make an ad that reflect the Saudi government’s new knowledge-based economy, our creative team started brain storming on how to send a message about this huge change in a single image, and after couple of days they did it.

The image contain the first king of the third Saudi state King Abdulaziz AlSaud and an oil fountain after a success well digging of the first oil well in Saudi Arabia, it was the shift to the future. On the other side and after 100 years his son King Abdullah lead his nation to a new era by start depending on knowledge-based economy and we chosen King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture to be the symbol of this era.

oil and knowledge2oil and knowledge

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